What does your watch say about your personality?

You can tell volumes about a man from two things – his shoes and his wristwatch. This is obviously excluding the rare species of men that don’t wear a watch, clearly discounted from my idea of ‘men I wish to tell things about’. If one was to put together a book on the art of manliness, I could only hope chapter one is about wristwatches – a beautiful tale emphasizing the precious amount a wristwatch can say about a man, making it an accessory more important than any other.

Just like the whiskey you drink and the car you drive, the kind of timepiece you wear is a window into your personality; this is how the world forms its first impression about you. One can choose to make his buying decision based on color, specifications, unique features, functionality and the list goes on. However, what many don’t realize is that this decision also says a lot about who you are. Just one look at your watch and a room full of people can tell what ticks you off. Standing the test of time (pun intended), Hugo Boss watches have established themselves as the poster boy for timeless luxury and immaculate craftsmanship. The Hugo Boss Watches Collection available at trusted retailers such as Ethos Watch Boutiques is wide-ranging, offering an ideal match for every personality type.

The timepiece you choose to adorn says a great deal about your motivations, your interests and your personality. Read below to find out what your choice of watch says about you:

  1. The Futurist

Product Shown:  Hugo Boss Modern Essence (Model No: 1513500)

If your choice of watch looks like the Hugo Boss Modern Essence pictured above, you fall under the category of ‘the futurist’. In selecting a powerful black leather strap, premium quality (mineral crystal glass) and minimal design, you represent your preference of quality over quantity and a forward-looking outlook. You are a truly modern man, oriented towards what’s going to happen, as opposed to what’s already passed. ‘The futurist’ holds no regrets, a man of few words and more action.

  1. The Traditional Classic

Product Shown: Hugo Boss Classic Tradition (Model No: 1513463)

Just like the whisky-based cocktail, an old fashioned watch can never go out of style. It is a timeless classic that has successfully thrived through time, impressing generations of important men. It is characterized by its vintage inspired brown leather strap and white dial, flawlessly coupled with a touch of somber rose gold. This timepiece says that you’re a man true to your values and your being. You have your priorities right, and respect tradition; you know what you’re doing and where you’re heading. Understated elegance is a part of your everyday style, brought to life with an effortless fashion sense.

  1. The Social Bee

Product Shown: Hugo Boss Contemporary Sport Grand Prix (Model No: 1513473)

Outgoing, sporty, energetic and bubbly  – these are adjectives that would describe a social bee. Your life is fast paced and it’s not easy for everyone to catch up, barring your watch of course. People love being around you; you don’t take time to mingle because you have a great vibe that attracts attention instantly. Your strong aura is complimented in your choice for an equally strong timepiece. People can’t help but notice you when you walk into a room. This is reflected in your choice for a bold watch characterized by its polished, stainless steel link strap and contrasting dial. Just like yourself, your watch excels at multiple things – it boasts of three-hand movement, a chronograph, as well as an integrated tachymeter. Such a timepiece is best suited for a man who is daring, masculine and never sorry to be him self.


When it comes to timekeeping, the important thing to remember is what message you want to send via your wrist. As long as you’re wearing a wristwatch, you are giving away big hints about your personality without actually uttering a word. You might as well make sure these hints are true to who you are by choosing a watch best suited to your character.