Do You have a Hair Damage Claim? Here are the Most Important Facts to Remember

Many individuals visit hair salons for various hair treatments, ranging from dyeing to simple haircuts. And when you walk into a salon for hair treatment, you expect them to give you a good (if not great) service. But what happens when the salon not only gives you bad service, but ends up damaging your hair in the process? In this case, you may very well be eligible for compensation.

How has your hair been damaged?

It is important, however, to determine first how your hair has been damaged. Has it been damaged in the salon due to an accident which isn’t your fault? Has your hair been damaged due to the negligence of the specialist, such as them using the wrong product or method for hair bleaching? Has your hair been damaged due to the inattention of the specialist or their ignorance about the proper procedure? Another imagerare occurrence would be assault at the salon which caused damage to your hair. If you have said yes to any of these, then someone may be held legally liable and at fault for the damage to your hair.

Common types of hair damage

Your hair can be damaged in several ways. Some of the most common types of hair damage include balding, burnt hair or even a burnt scalp, and patches on your scalp due to lost hair. You can also claim compensation for dry and brittle hair (this often happens when the stylist or specialist uses chemicals that are too strong). You can also develop a condition called dermatitis of the scalp, which often comes about if you are allergic to certain dyes and chemicals.

There are other cases where you can claim compensation for damaged hair. If you have long, beautiful hair, for instance, and it was cut without your consent, you may be able to seek compensation.

Two kinds of compensation you can expect for damaged hair

Beauty treatment solicitors will confirm that there are two kinds of compensation you can expect for damaged hair. The first type of compensation would be compensation for the overall pain, discomfort, and suffering you have experienced due to hair damage. To receive this compensation, you may have to go through a medical assessment and examination. A medical specialist will assess you and create a report of your condition, and they will also check your records for hospital treatment, if any. The report would include the precise details of the damage to your hair as well as how long it would take you to recover from it.

You may also claim compensation for financial expenses related to your injury, such as lost income, medical bills, and transportation expenses for going to and from a clinic or hospital.