How to Design a Kid-Friendly Kitchen

I absolutely love the kitchen. It is the liveliest room in the entire house, often filled with family, friends and pets. So when it comes to spending money on renovations for my home, I try not to skimp too much on the kitchen- although I’m pretty thrifty.

So, I went through quite a lot of effort to make sure my home was 100% pet friendly. (See tips here). Thereafter, I decided to look up how to make sure my home was kid friendly too.

So here are a few add-ons that are ideal for households where kids are very present:

Install surfaces that are easy-to-clean

All you parents out there are well aware of how messy children can be. With limited time and patience, having surfaces that are durable, non-porous and, obviously, affordable is a must. Laminate surface is the perfect family kitchen surface option in South Africa! You can install a surface that mimics expensive surface options, like quartz and marble, but costs a fraction of the price.

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Invest in an island

Kitchen islands serve quite a few purposes. It’s the perfect place for homework, eating meals, fun activities and family chat time! Also, cooking in the evenings is no longer a lonely task when you have somewhere for your family to sit. The island seems to attract company in the kitchen!

The island is also ideal for organising school snacks, packaging frozen meals and preparing animal food.

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Control access to goods in the pantry

Depending on their age, of course, kids should have access to food and snacks as well as be restricted from reaching food they should not be eating, medicine and cleaning products. Make sure your panty is designed in such a way that you can keep certain things out-of-reach and in-reach for kids.

Install a shorter countertop

Give your kids their own workspace by installing a short countertop – perhaps about 60cm or so high. You can use melamine board to create a custom kitchen countertop just for your kids. This way, they can have fun with you in the kitchen.

Alternatively, you can install a custom step to help your kids reach the counters. See below:

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Install easy-to-clean flooring

Kids make a mess – no doubt. So, make sure you install flooring, such as tiles, that does not have deep ridges, so that you can clean it easily.

Buy a family organiser

The kitchen is the best place to put a family organiser. Whether it is a calendar, chalkboard or white board, just have an organiser that everyone has access to so that you can stay organised as a family.

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