Fashion industry tips – Moving and storing stock

Fashion businesses face many challenges today, which range from the increasing cost of labour, expensive floor space for their warehouses and distribution centres, scarce space for expansion, and high transportation costs. In addition, some of their products are seasonal, for example, summer clothes, and winter clothes. Therefore, when these products are not in season, they must store them until they are needed by the consumers again. These challenges lead to very high operating costs for fashion businesses, which can cause some businesses to close down when the costs become higher than the profit. The good news is that fashion businesses can be able to avoid these high operating costs by using alternative solutions that are cost effective. A good example of cost effective solutions for fashion businesses is to use a removals company similar to the firm we used ( to move stock and/or a local storage company for storage.

Moving stock using a removals company

High transportation costs when moving the stock is one of the problems facing fashion businesses, especially when they need to move the stock regularly during distribution. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved by hiring the services of a UK removals company, be it for business relocation purposes (ie or when moving stock from one facility to another).

Benefits of using a removals company to move your stock

If you own a fashion business, you can reap many benefits by hiring a moving company when you want to move your stock instead of doing it yourself. Below is a look at some of these benefits:

  1. Access to affordable moving service

Hiring a moving company when you need to move your stock provides you with affordable moving services. Instead of paying through the roof for fuel when moving the stock yourself (with additional expenses if you have hired the vehicle being used) you can simply pay a moving company. This will help to bring the moving costs down since you will only pay for the space used and the amount of time spent to move the stock. In addition, you can be able to get a good discount when using a local removals company and you can even negotiate a lower price deal if you plan to be using the company regularly.

  1. The move is stress-free

Using a removals company to move your stuff also helps to guarantee a stress-free moving experience. This is because the moving company provides its own movers who will help to load the stock into the moving vehicle and unload it when it reaches its destination. This saves you and your employees from the hassles of loading and unloading. It also helps to save time since the movers are proficient professionals who can be able to load and unload the stock much faster, and without causing any damage.

  1. Your stock is protected during the move

In addition to moving your belongings, moving companies also offer insurance cover, which helps to ensure that your goods are protected from theft, loss, or damage during the move. Therefore, when you hire a removals company to move your stock, you can rest easy knowing that it is covered by a transit protection policy.

Using local storage to store fashion stock

Storage is perhaps the biggest challenge that is faced by fashion businesses – from expensive office space to expensive warehouse space for storing your stock during off-season and inadequate space for when you need to expand your business. Luckily for you, this is a challenge that can be easily solved by using business storage services offered by local storage companies. Below is a look at some of the benefits you can gain from such using a storage company to store your stock:

  1. It provides you with affordable storage space

Commercial storage services offered by UK local storage companies are very affordable when compared to the cost of renting a commercial office space. Therefore, storing your stock in a local storage facility helps to significantly reduce your storage costs, thus reducing the operating costs of your fashion business, which in turn leads to a bigger profit margin.

In addition to affordable space, using a local storage facility allows you to free up space in your business office, while at the same time, providing you with extra space where you can store more inventory (

  1. You can use the storage unit as your base

When renting a local storage company, you are not limited to only using it for storage purposes; you can turn the facility into an “office” for your fashion business from where you can pack the customer orders and distribute them to their addresses. A good example of a fashion business that has done this is Wear Chemistry (, which launched a fashion line from a storage facility in London.

  1. It keeps your stock safe and secure

Using a local storage company to store your fashion business inventory provides you with a safe and secure storage for your good. This is because reputable local storage companies in the UK invest heavily in the security of their facilities – from heavy-duty padlocks to keypad entry doors, CCTV cameras, and security guards. Most storage companies will also provide insurance cover for the goods stored in the facilities, thus guaranteeing the protection of your stock from theft, fire, water damage, etc. Therefore, when you have stored the inventory for your fashion business in a local storage facility, you can rest easy knowing that it is completely safe and secure.

  1. It provides you with a flexible storage solution

Lastly, using a local storage facility for your fashion business helps to provide you with a flexible storage solution, allowing you to increase or decrease the storage space you have rented as per your business needs. This option comes in handy when you want to increase your inventory, as it allows you to do so with a lot of ease.


Running a fashion business is not an easy task, especially when you are facing various challenges such as high transportation costs, expensive floor space, and inadequate space for your business inventory. However, by using the services provided by local removals and storage companies, you can be able to cut down on the operating costs of your business. This will help to make your business more profitable by increasing the bottom line.