A 6-Step Strategy to Launching an Online Business Store in a Week

Opening an e-commerce company is no longer a time-consuming process at it was before. Earlier, starting a web-based business was left for mature companies that had the adequate funds and resources to sell online.

And while telling you that you can get your e-commerce business underway in seven days might seem crazy? Trust me; you can.  The internet is currently making things easier for young entrepreneurs— you’re enterprise can be ready in 7 days or less.

Here’s your guide;

1-Spot a high-demand product

You want a product that’s profitable has large-scale demand and is easy to store.

Because you’re investing colossal money and putting much time on it, pick an item, you’ll love selling. Use places like eBay, Amazon and Google Trends as reference sites for trending products.

2-Find a manufacturer

Your excellent idea can’t work minus a dependable manufacturer who won’t slow you down when demand is on the skies. Make sure you have perfect communication, particularly if you’re sourcing goods overseas through resources like Alibaba.

3-Decide on a brand name and get your company a spot online

Choose a name that’s attractive to ensure your brand sticks in your target audience’s mind then find it a domain name as well as handles for social media platforms. The dot-com version is excellent even if domain flippers will charge you some payment for it.

4-Develop the site

Work with logo design experts on freelance sites to get the perfect pick for your business website (in a day or two).

Use WordPress, Shopify or WooCommerce, to create a custom site depending on your financial capability and knowledge. Shopify is cheaper and requires little know-how but has many themes that can get you started almost instantly.

  1. Plan for your fulfillment and Product shipping

Decide if you’ll take care of order processing as well as fulfillment in-house or if you’ll take orders and let a third party handle fulfillment. The latter works best for bulky or fragile goods.

  1. Find a merchant account provider and Set Up Payment Processing

Open a merchant account with modern financial institutions like Best Payment Providers to enjoy processing by Cashflows review.

Once you can process payments, you’re good to go.


Remember to gradually develop your online store progressively improving factors financial like record keeping, customer service and every aspect touching your business is kept straight.

Author bio: Electronic payments expert Taylor Cole is a passionate entrepreneur who enjoys to write, produce music, and travel. Bestpaymentproviders is the UK’s best Cashflows review company, serving both traditional and high-risk merchants.