New or Used Vehicle: the Advantages of Each Type

When you consider purchasing a vehicle there must be thousands of questions and issues you need to consider. With the economy of the country being not in its best shape one of the most common considerations that people have is the cost of their new vehicles. The easiest way to save on such a large purchase is to think about getting a used car. This article will explain pros of new and used cars to help you make the final decision easier.


Made to Order — One of the greatest advantages of a new vehicle is the possibility to order a customized car. For instance, if you have any disabilities then you can always spec a new car just the way you want and need it.

It’s Not Used — Well, that is obvious. If you check Dodge Grand Caravan and get it from the salon you can feel absolutely safe about its history. It means that a brand new car has never been in any accidents, has not been mistreated, has no funny smell, has seen no wear or tear.

Warranty — Untouched warranty is another great advantage. New car’s warranty remains untouched until you purchase it which means that in case of any problems of complications a team of professional mechanics will help you deal with it. Of course, used vehicles may also come with a warranty but at the same time you are very likely to pay more for a vehicle with warranty while in case of a new car it ill cost the least.


Price — There is no doubt that exactly used cars are the winners in terms of a price. When you purchase a used vehicle you get a possibility to save up to 60% on a transport and still get a perfect vehicle. Furthermore, with a limited budget you might not be able to purchase a new high class vehicle while a used automobile gives you such a possibility.

Depreciation — You might have already heard that once a new vehicle leaves its salon it loses up to 18% of its value and within the first year the price will go down up to 40%. And then month by month a new car will continue losing its value. If you choose a used vehicle then even after a year of active use you will lose no more than 10% of its primary value but most frequently you will be able to get the same money back.

Choice — Choice is great among new cars too, but there are some vehicles that are no longer purchased. It means that if you are looking for a specific model or a definite year most frequently used vehicle will be your best option. Moreover, if you are looking for let’s say Mazda 3 among used cars you will be able to choose package that suits you best while with new vehicles you are forced to enjoy whatever the market offers.