The Top 4 Wedding Hairstyles of 2017

The spring/summer bridal season of 2017 is officially underway, and with that said there are several trends that are emerging in the hair salonsof the hippest cities like San Diego and Los Angles. If you’re a bride-to-be who is searching for the perfect wedding hairstyle that compliments your bridal look, then you will want to take a look at these top four styles for 2017.

Long Loose Curls

If you have long hair, then you will want to take notice of this hairstyle trend that is proving quite popular for 2017. Opting for long, loose curls is both sexy and beautiful. It’s meant to look more natural, as though you just quickly threw the style together, but in reality these styles are pieces of artwork.

For those who love this style but don’t quite have enough length or thickness to pull it off, you can always think about adding temporary extensions to complete the look. Consider pinning back sections of your hair so it won’t be in your face. This will also help to show off the neckline of your dress, and any accessories you are wearing.

Many hair salons in San Diego have perfected the long loose curl look, so don’t hesitate to book your pre-wedding appointment to give it a test run.

Deconstructed Up-Do’s

Where it used to be that up-do’s were always neat and tidy, the hottest fresh from the hair salon up-do’s for 2017 take a less “perfected” approach. These still require just as much skill but there is an emphasis on making it look less perfected. Today’s hot up-do’s are loose, filled with intricate folds and designs, braids, and beautiful hair accessories.

You can also leave wisps and strands hanging around your face to help create that added look of elegance and romance.

For those who live in a warmer climate, such as Florida or California, these up-do’s are much more comfortable. Being from California myself, I booked a consultation at a local San Diego hair salon to assess this hairstyle out in the heat of spring.

The Low Ponytail

If you want a no-fuss, stylish, and trendy hairstyle then the low ponytail may be perfect for you. This one is elegant and refined and tends to work well with a variety of wedding dress styles. You can still add a stylish accessory to your hair if you like, or keep it simple and clean.

And if you want to add drama, just ask your stylist at your local hair salon to use clip-in hair pieces. These will increase the volume and length of your ponytail, creating that Hollywood-vibe.

The Side-Do

Here’s another hot hairstyle for 2017 and that’s the side-do. With this style, you will be leaving one side of your hair down, while the other side is pinned back/up. This is a dramatic look and works best with a variety of hair lengths. A great tip is to use a beautiful clip, barrette, or accessory on the side that is pinned back.

This look can be achieved at home, but why risk it, be smart and head to your local hair salon to assure perfection on your special day.

Something for Everyone

The great news for brides-to-be is that 2017 seems to have a little something for everyone where hot hairstyles are concerned. From polished and elegant low ponytails, to long loose sexy curls, you’re bound to find that style that works with your hair type and your bridal look.

That said, it is important to try out as many hairstyles as you can before the big day, so call your local hair salon and make an appointment well before your wedding date.