Attain Accuracy in Your Color Selection Using Pantone Color Guide

Have you gone through the situation where you find a total contrast between the logo color that you saw online and the same on a printed card? This happens due to the confusion of color choices in the absent of a professional color guide. The pantone color guide has been created for the designers working in the graphic, interior design, marketing or textile domains. People often don’t understand the use of colors and choose any color without getting the Spot Color theory. This issue occurs in all the domains and a creative work gets spoiled due to the poor color choice. The pantone color guide helps in embellish a home interior, a creative graphic content, a beautiful piece of cloth or a marketing product in a professional and splendid manner.

With the Pantone color guide, you get a range of spot colors printed on high-quality pages that will improve your choices and help your creative design communicate in a better way. A suitable color introduces life in your creations and makes it noticeable. Colors are chosen according to various parameters like CMYK, RGB, Spot Color, Pantone, PMS and Hexidecimal. The Pantone Matching System works wonders whenever uniformity is demanded in the color choices. Mixed colors often create confusion when you want a single color for different purposes. The spot colors make your choice easy and provide you the perfect color match.

The understanding of the color processes like RGB, CMYK and Pantone is very important in the marketing and branding domain. A product will pass through various mediums and getting a different shade each time is not at all acceptable. The Pantone color guide helps you maintain the same color throughout the branding or marketing journey eliminating the chaos. With the pantone guide, you not only get the solid traditional colors, but a range of new colors trending in the market are also available to help you stand tall in the competition. The color choices decide the consistency of your brand’s image and the spot colors make that happen for you.

The Pantone color guides are very useful even if you are away. You can easily carry them and use whenever you feel the need of choosing the exact color for your home interior, graphic design, textile or any other purpose. The guide has strips where color name or formula is mentioned to make your selection easier. The pantone guide is trusted by the experts from various domains as it is easy to use and provides accurate results. The guides are economic and mad of high-quality paper. A first-rate ink formulation is assured with these guides. The guide can also be used to analyze the color selection in different lighting conditions.