How to Choose the Color of Bridesmaids’ Dresses?

In many countries, the tradition is common when the bride takes more than one bridesmaid. Dresses of bridesmaids shouldn’t shade the beauty of the bride’s bridal gown. Therefore, you need to pay enough attention to the choice of color of bridesmaids’ dresses. Below we will tell you about this.
Color of Bridesmaid Dresses

The color of bridesmaids’ dresses is determined by such an important criterion as the theme of the wedding celebration. It is also believed that it must match the shade of the groom’s tie. Do not forget about the personal preferences of the newlyweds. The season is important too. Warm shades will please your eyes in the cold season, and cool ones will create a feeling of comfort in a hot season. In addition, the bridesmaids themselves can offer their option, and then the bride will decide whether it is suitable for her. The tone of dresses is reflected in the decoration of the banquet hall.

Multi-Colored Bridesmaid Dresses

As a rule, girls’ dresses have one color, but sometimes a bride can be creative. Thus, the same color can be represented in different shades (from very light to dark). Dresses of different pastel shades also look extremely beautiful.

Types of Bridesmaid Dresses Colors

It is believed that the bridesmaids’ dresses can have any color, except white and black. This is not quite true. If the bride prefers a colored dress, the white outfits of her friends will be quite appropriate, as the bride will be really conspicuous against their background. Do not forget that there are different types of white. For example, a snow-white bride’s outfit will look fine against the background of ivory dresses. Brides often choose a small black dress for bridesmaids. This dress will create the perfect contrast with the wedding dress. In the wedding fashion, all the shades of green are always in trend. Such outfits are appropriate for spring and summer weddings. Turquoise bridesmaids’ dresses are also quite popular. The turquoise color is mixed with the color of the sky, forming an extremely gentle, fresh tone. The girls’ purple dresses are incredibly beautiful, elegant and feminine. They perfectly set off the bride’s attire. The same can be said about blue dresses. Yellow and orange dresses of bridesmaids are an excellent choice for the autumn season. It is desirable to choose not bright, but muted shades, as they create a pleasant warm atmosphere, while not being a grit on the lens. Red and coral dresses are always relevant.